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Ain't no party like an Isopod-y!

I have joined the Isopody and currently breed the following species:
Available now:
Dwarf white
Dalmatian venzillio parvus
Cubaris little sea
Armadillidium Zebra
Orange Dalmatian P. scaber
Powder Blue

Breeding now, available soon:
Dairy Cow P. laevis
Mardi Gras O. asellus
Orange Koi P. Scaber
Cubaris Red Tiger
Cubaris Rubber Ducky
Cubaris Rubber Ducky Pink
Cubaris White Angels  
Armadillidium vulgare Albino
Armadillidium marbelized
Armadillidium klugii montenegro/clown
Porcellio werneri


Coming Soon!

New for 2013!!